BNeF Benefit Hellas S.A. is a Greek manufacturing company established in 1994 in the city of Thessaloniki. BNeF operates in the natural cosmetic and health care market, involved in developing, manufacturing and distributing of high quality skin care products. Seeking perfection and balance in all levels of its organizational functions, from research & development and production procedure to quality and service for the consumer, of innovative, effective, safe cosmetics and dermatological products.


The main principal of the company is insisting on developing top quality, aesthetically refined products that add value to the everyday life of modern people. BNeF delivers the final high valued product to the people. Serving the personal hygiene and welfare of the human body, BNeF manufactures products environmentally friendly and always under the EU Regulation.


1994_ The No.1 natural insect repellent mfree™ brand is being launched to the pharmacies

1996_ Panthenol Plus™ brand is created, a new dermocosmetic line for skin irritations

1999_ DUSAVONterra™ brand is being introduced to the market for daily skin care

2002_ Creation of the Thermactive™ brand with warming properties

2006_ REDwater™ is being designed and introduced as a natural cosmetic brand

2009_ An expansion to the Panthenol Plus™ brand with the launching of the new sub-brand Aqua Repair, a cosmetic line with face care products

BNeF creates, designs, develops and enhances its brands always driven by the requirements and needs of modern times.
Nowdays, BNeF’s products are placed in over 3.500 pharmacies in Greece and have a presence in more than 10 countries worldwide.